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Introduction: Discourses in the Development of OER Practice and Policy
   Jenny Glennie, Ken Harley and Neil Butcher


Chapter 1: Taking OER Beyond the OER Community: Policy Issues and Priorities
   Trudi van Wyk


Chapter 2: Introducing the Opportunities and Challenges of OER: The Case of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltic
   Dendev Badarch, Svetlana Knyazeva and Andy Lane


Chapter 3: Tracing the Trajectory of OER in India: Reflections on Three Initiatives
   V. Bharathi Harishankar


Chapter 4: Producing OER from Scratch: The Case of Health Sciences at the University of Ghana and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
   Kathleen Ludewig Omollo, Adam Rahman and Chris Andrew Yebuah


Chapter 5: Collaborative Materials Design, Adaptation and Take-Up: A Case Study of a South African Mathematics Teacher Education OER Project
   Ingrid Sapire, Yvonne Reed and Tessa Welch


Chapter 6: OER Production and Adaptation through Networking across Sub-Saharan Africa: Learning from TESSA
   Freda Wolfenden


Vignette: Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
   Catherine Ngugi


Chapter 7: Integrating OER into Open Educational Practices
   Gráinne Conole


Chapter 8: Finding Relevant OER in Higher Education: A Personal Account
Lisbeth Levey


Chapter 9: Design and Development of OER: A Student Perspective
   Andy Lane


Chapter 10 : Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Higher Education and Open Educational Resources: A Case Study on Course Design
   Heather Kanuka and Geneviève Gauthier


Vignette: The Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC): OER within a Transnational Qualifications Framework
   John T. Lesperance


Chapter 11 :Experiences in Finding and Using OER in Teacher Education Programmes: Pedagogical Approach and Challenges
   John Arul Phillips


Vignette: Teaching with Technology: A Personal Journey
   Edward P. Rybicki


Vignette: OER and Teaching Occupational and Environmental Health at the Post-Graduate Level to Medical Practitioners at the University of Cape Town
   Jonathan E. Myers


Chapter 12: Sharing Existing Teaching Materials as OER: Key Considerations from Practice
   Monica Mawoyo and Neil Butcher


Chapter 13: Experiences of Developing OER-Amenable Policies
   Sarah Hoosen and Neil Butcher


Chapter 14: From Apples to Legislation: OER Policy in Brazil
   Carolina Rossini


Chapter 15: Opening Education in New Zealand: A Snapshot of a Rapidly Evolving OER Ecosystem
   Wayne Mackintosh


Conclusion: Reflections on Practice
   Jenny Glennie, Ken Harley and Neil Butcher


(291 pages)



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